Office Area
The sprawling campus of STI is well equipped with the latest technologies. Using them, we add tremendous quality and precision to every project we undertake. Our dynamic work environment has the seating capacity for over 250 professionals who have sustained the ability to balance their time and commitments to produce exceptional work.

STI-Creative: The Operations Studio

Systems and Servers
Equipping our Print and Web Development teams with a dedicated server backup and a dedicated exchange server demonstrates that every step has been taken to cater to your needs. The latest technology, software, and respective implements have helped foster an environment where unique solutions surface and your original expectations are often exceeded.

At STI we believe that communication is an integral part of every meaningful relationship. This is why we focus on smooth, two-way and face-to-face communication.

We believe that maintaining flexibility and staying current with leading technologies is the key to success. By staying with the latest trends, we are able to provide increased value to both our processes and your projects.

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