We at STI adhere to a series of well planned steps to initiate a project, properly manage it, and finally deliver results that exceed the client’s expectation levels. However, our work does not just end here. We stand by our client, giving them ample support even after the project is delivered. At STI, we believe in creating a lasting relationship and not just a customer.

The Project Development Life Cycle at STI-CS is divided in to three different phases as described below. Past experiences developed from countless projects throughout the STI organization have molded our process into what it is today. We do not claim these to be rock solid principles, and the reason is simple: We believe in continuous improvement through periodic enhancement of our methodologies.

Our current Project Development Life Cycle includes:

  • Project Initiation
  • Project Implementation
  • Deployment Support

Project Initiation
In this phase, we initiate the project by understanding your full requirements and propose the best possible solutions. The diagram below clarifies this cycle; which ends with your acceptance of the “Project Scope of Work” and “Project Quote”.
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Project Implementation
Being the most vital part of the Project Development Life Cycle, this stage requires the active involvement of people from a variety of divisions. This includes project coordinators, developers, designers, quality analysts, and even you the client; who has an extensive role to play at this phase of project development.
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Deployment Support
Now that the project is developed, you may be unsure of where to turn when faced with any usability problems. STI-CS ensures your comfort by supporting you when deploying your finished product into a business environment. The support for deployment can be different in nature depending upon your needs; which varies from telephonic support to onsite visits.

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