Talent Pool

The finest of wines are made from the highest quality grapes. Similarly, employees are the mirror of an organization. The best personnel bring out the best results; and the final product should be a reflection of this talent. When your project goes through the master strokes of our design team, the eagle-eyes of our quality team, and finally stamped by our delivery team; the end product should be a class apart. Overall, our diverse team drawn from myriads of talent areas brings out results of the “finest quality”.

The Creative Services team of STI is a rich clan of versatile artists, visualizers, developers, and managers. The one aspect that brings all of us to a common platform is our breadth of knowledge in multiple domains. We have designers who are adept in sound editing, managers who can give any professional photographer a run for his money, project coordinators who can transform into designers or developers in the need of the hour, and developers who can actively participate in creating new concepts. Such varied skill sets help us to meet and exceed our client’s expectations when the project is completed.

As a team, we are not only rich in terms of skill sets but also in terms of valuable experience in multiple domains. The strong talents that we possess have been sharpened to near perfection with endless hours of sincere dedication. With more than a million production hours of experience in design, development, and project management on our resume; we are well on our way to becoming the best in the business. STI would like you to join us and become a part of this success.

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