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List Price: $750 Set Up Fee & $250 month for 12 months

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Don’t Lose Business to a Slow Website

Read this article from Bloomberg Businessweek on the effects of a slow website on small businesses.

STI SEO Services SEO Packages include hosting on a designated server to prevent the problems Businessweek has outlined below.

Posted by: Today’s Tip Contributor on November 29, 2010

Just as a busy highway backs up with cars, websites often encounter the same effect when dealing with large amounts of traffic. Any website can experience slow traffic, online traffic jams, or worse, a crash. What can be done to keep your site up and running, especially if you have an e-commerce site and the busiest season is rapidly approaching?

1. Add a server. As your business grows, website usage and traffic increase. That single server may need a buddy or two to handle the traffic capacity. One server can be used for data such as e-mails, and the second server can be deployed to manage the website. Continue reading

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Tips for Selecting the Right SEO Company – National Federation of Independent

Lots of companies hang up shingles proclaiming to be a leader in the science of search engine optimization (SEO). But how do you know if you’re partnering with the right one? Here’s some advice for selecting the right SEO company for your small business:

  • Know what you’re trying to accomplish. No matter which SEO company you choose, your project is more likely to fail if you don’t have a tangible goal. Do you want more visitors, better conversion rates, more opt-ins, etc.?
  • Think beyond the acronym. Sure, an SEO company should thrive at search engine optimization — increasing the visitors to your website by ensuring it ranks high in search results. But a good company should also offer other services, such as social media consultation, link building, web design and copywriting. In addition, the right partner will view optimization as an ongoing process, not a one-time service.
  • Get recommendations from business associates. Choosing an SEO company is not much different than finding a plumber or financial advisor: Word-of-mouth works. If your friends can’t provide recommendations, try these sources: The member directory for the Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization, the SEO Consultants Directory or’s Vendor Selectors. You also can ask for opinions in dozens of SEO forums, including SearchEngineWatch and Digital Point. Continue reading
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Social Bookmarking Sites Create Backlinks

Social bookmarking websites are well-known on the net. They give affiliate marketers the opportunity to develop backlinks to their respective internet websites in a short period of time. For example Digg, Reddit, and Propeller, give site owners the opportunity to use one of the most powerful methods of advertising on the web, which is viral advertising. When other members of these sites bookmark the site owners’ websites and notify others about it, owners benefit from the targeted traffic which is created.

Web sites, like Digg and Reddit, have a significant number of visitors to their internet sites daily. It’s beneficial for you to draft an exciting article or offer a good deal from your website. Effective keyword research and presenting individuals with all the answers they seek will also help your bookmark to get observed. Using the amount of targeted traffic that these websites get every day, it is possible to also acquire an immediate increase in targeted traffic to your site. Continue reading

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Increase Your Website’s Traffic With Search Engine Optimization Strategies

It is not unusual that every existing business today has its own website as part of its advertising and promotional efforts. It is through websites that consumers get to know about your organization’s latest product and service offers. The tricky part here is how to get internet viewers to visit your website or what is called web traffic. Avail of search engine optimization or SEO services if you want to expand your web site’s online visibility and build up your traffic, and turn these visits to sales.

SEO is the method of raising the status of your internet site by employing different techniques to get the most out of its visibility on the lists of different search engines available. In effect, your website should rank high in terms of search engine results. This is in terms of the popular keywords and search terms internet surfers use when they’re looking for the products and services you could be presenting. Continue reading

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The Importance Of SEO In Driving Traffic To Your Website

Experts reveal that web users can only wait for 8 to 10 seconds for the page they are requesting to download. A few seconds delay is quite tolerable though. But to keep Internet users waiting for more than 30 seconds without any feedback, online businesses can say goodbye to their target customers as well as to their profits. Speed is not only important in the perceived ease of usability of a particular website, but it also correlate in obtaining high visibility level in several search engines. The association lies in how online businesses make use of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

SEO is simply the process of improving a website’s visibility level by getting listed in the search engine’s topmost results. There are two types of search engines: the paid ones and the organic. Majority of online businesses prefer the latter. As a consequence, ranking on top of search engines results have become a very difficult task. Continue reading

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Being bad to your customers is bad for business – Google

12/01/2010 12:06:00 PM

A recent article by the New York Times related a disturbing story. By treating your customers badly, one merchant told the paper, you can generate complaints and negative reviews that translate to more links to your site; which, in turn, make it more prominent in search engines. The main premise of the article was that being bad on the web can be good for business.

We were horrified to read about Ms. Rodriguez’s dreadful experience. Even though our initial analysis pointed to this being an edge case and not a widespread problem in our search results, we immediately convened a team that looked carefully at the issue. That team developed an initial algorithmic solution, implemented it, and the solution is already live. I am here to tell you that being bad is, and hopefully will always be, bad for business in Google’s search results.

As always, we learned a lot from this experience, and we wanted to share some of that with you. Consider the obvious responses we could have tried to fix the problem:

  • Block the particular offender. That would be easy and might solve the immediate problem for that specific business, but it wouldn’t solve the larger issue in a general way. Our first reaction in search quality is to look for ways to solve problems algorithmically.
  • Use sentiment analysis to identify negative remarks and turn negative comments into negative votes. While this proposal initially sounds promising, it turns out to be based on a misconception. First off, the terrible merchant in the story wasn’t really ranking because of links from customer complaint websites. In fact, many consumer community sites such as Get Satisfaction added a simple attribute called rel=nofollow to their links. The rel=nofollow attribute is a general mechanism that allows websites to tell search engines not to give weight to specific links, and it’s perfect for the situation when you want to link to a site without endorsing it. Ironically, some of the most reputable links to Decor My Eyes came from mainstream news websites such as the New York Times and Bloomberg. The Bloomberg article was about someone suing the company behind Decor My Eyes, but the language of the article was neutral, so sentiment analysis wouldn’t have helped here either.As it turns out, Google has a world-class sentiment analysis system (Large-Scale Sentiment Analysis for News and Blogs). But if we demoted web pages that have negative comments against them, you might not be able to find information about many elected officials, not to mention a lot of important but controversial concepts. So far we have not found an effective way to significantly improve search using sentiment analysis. Of course, we will continue trying.
  • Yet another option is to expose user reviews and ratings for various merchants alongside their results. Though still on the table, this would not demote poor quality merchants in our results and could still lead users to their websites.

Instead, in the last few days we developed an algorithmic solution which detects the merchant from the Times article along with hundreds of other merchants that, in our opinion, provide an extremely poor user experience. The algorithm we incorporated into our search rankings represents an initial solution to this issue, and Google users are now getting a better experience as a result.

We can’t say for sure that no one will ever find a loophole in our ranking algorithms in the future. We know that people will keep trying: attempts to game Google’s ranking, like the ones mentioned in the article, go on 24 hours a day, every single day. That’s why we cannot reveal the details of our solution—the underlying signals, data sources, and how we combined them to improve our rankings—beyond what we’ve already said. We can say with reasonable confidence that being bad to customers is bad for business on Google. And we will continue to work hard towards a better search.

Posted by Amit Singhal, Google Fellow

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Why You Need SEO

What’s the bottom line when it comes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?  Web Presence.  Nobody does business without a sign out front, and if you’re not doing SEO, it’s just like not having a sign.  Potential customers will be unable to easily find the products or services you can provide.   Let’s look at some of the reasons SEO is a valuable tool for increasing your business:

  • Awareness- Millions of people each day search the web using major search engines to find the information they are looking for.  Consider someone is using Google to search for an attorney in Maryland.  When they use the keyword phrase “MD Attorney” or “Attorney in Maryland”, a page of ten search results will show up.  At this point, the user begins the process of visiting those websites.  Typically, when researching a service or product provider, a search user will only need between two and five results to choose from.  This means that the attorney listed on the second page might not even be seen.  Optimizing your website to appear on the first page of Google is vital to increasing your web traffic and improving your revenue. Continue reading
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Website Analytics and SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is targeted to increase the number of visitor to a website. This achieved by using some keywords and link building techniques which enhances the chances of website’s availability for search engines. That’s SEO is currently the vastly growing way of online marketing.

A sound idea on your strategy of SEO will show you a genuine reason how organic searches are valuable as well as profitable for your business. A major factor you need to monitor user’s activities with your website is “Website Analytic”. Website analytic provides you the complete illustrations on your online interaction with the globe like location of a visitor, his intentions and the most profitable keywords used for your website etc. Website analytic is more of a monitoring tool that can help you track how people are getting introduced to your website, how they use and other observation in details. Website analytic is a valuable and growing tool in the web world. Continue reading

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Factors to Note for Search Engine Optimization Practice

Technology is evolving and so is SEO tricks. But there are some key factors that are going to rule the basic art of website marketing. These facts are called SEO practices which are taken care of in order to have the website listed, crawled and placed in top places of various search engines pages. We have to keep in mind that these constant factors or PRACTICES are considered as important as other aspects of Search Engine Optimization. We have listed some of the common SEO factors:

* The keywords used in your page should be relevant to the website content.
* The page title should start with the targeted keywords.
* For major content titles it should be H! header tags. Continue reading

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