Factors to Note for Search Engine Optimization Practice

Technology is evolving and so is SEO tricks. But there are some key factors that are going to rule the basic art of website marketing. These facts are called SEO practices which are taken care of in order to have the website listed, crawled and placed in top places of various search engines pages. We have to keep in mind that these constant factors or PRACTICES are considered as important as other aspects of Search Engine Optimization. We have listed some of the common SEO factors:

* The keywords used in your page should be relevant to the website content.
* The page title should start with the targeted keywords.
* For major content titles it should be H! header tags.
* The text hyperlinks in page should point the visitors to other pages of the same website.
* CSS image replacement should be used in graphical navigation of the website.
* Each image and graphics used in the website should have well written description as well as keyword-rich alternatives.
* Having a sitemap link is necessary and The website should have a flat directory structure.
* The URLs should be simple and static.
* The home page and other main pages should have pageranks.
* Keep listing your website in trusted and reviewed directories,
* Open Directory list should contain your website.
* A custom error page is very useful for own impression.
* The website’s file names and other directories should have the targeted keywords as tags.
* The website should avoid using unnecessary pop-ups.
* It is also necessary for both the user and the search engine to be able to view same content.
* Avoid offers that says FREE links.
* Try to make all your pages fill with keyword-rich meta description.

Implementing these elements can provide you with direct chance for better visibility of your Web site to users via major search engines. Good luck.

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