Call to Act – An Underrated Factor for Web Marketing

The term “Call-to-Act” is a factor that excites the visitor to do something that might boost your traffic. This “act” may be subscribing newsletter, sharing pages or following your website in a social media site. Even sometimes much successful websites are calling to act in the form of donation or general registration.

We have listed some tips to perform a good call-to-act job in your website:

a) Social Media
E-mail Updates: A special button for signing up is always good. and remember not to keep it critical but simpler with just the visitor’s name and email address.
Twitter: Setting your appearance of Twitter page should be catchy and people who want to follow you should get easy access to your profile details.
RSS: Although most of the browsers in contemporary time offer RSS feeds, it is always wise to have your own version of an icon for the same. A visitor is easily attracted to a more visually pleasing one.
Special Section: Always include fields like “Related content”, “Most viewed”, “Most commented”, “Popular blog” etc so that it can take the visitor to another page of the same website. It also increases the possible time spent on the website.

b) Social Bookmarking
There are numerous social media sites that help spreading your words. Some of these websites are Digg, Reddit, Technocrati, These are also a larger field to find people from all over the globe.

c) Web Design Technique
Using Header: When designing the layout for your website use the navigation or header area to place the Call-to-act button. It may attract a visitor more often than another place.
Color Uniqueness: Make the call-to-act button have an exceptional color than the usual theme color of the website. If you don’t get any contrasting color, then it’s better to have a good color that can attract.
Differ Size: As larger or unusual size of the content attract the user first it will be a good step to keep it larger than other content area.
Typography: Typography is a very powerful tool when it comes to design and layout. So choose a better typography that stands out. There are more fonts are becoming web friendly so it’s easier to choose from a larger database of fonts.
Prime Viewable Area: Try to figure out the spaces that usually attract a normal viewer’s eye. check the design rules and you will find places like top headers, centers etc important spaces. use them for your desired object.

d) Frequent Activities
Provide a scheduler on the home page. Always inform what is going on right now. If any big ceremony is going on in some place, keep it in your home page as a notice or information.

The above listed factors and tips should be used much or less on the basis of your current status. So choose your steps wisely and you will experience a fantastic change in your business.

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