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About Google Penguin

Google is an ever-evolving machine, changing the way they do things on a daily basis. The changes that they make are almost unnoticeable, but they are there. Every so often, however, Google makes a very large change that has a major effect on its rankings for various websites. Last year, there were two changes to its algorithm code-named Panda that affected many sites. On April 24th, 2011, they released another revolutionary shift, code-named Penguin, which has shaken internet marketing to the core. The Penguin algorithm penalized websites that violated Google’s quality guidelines, causing the websites’ rankings to go down drastically overnight. It mostly targeted websites that used reciprocal links, hidden links and links that appeared irrelevant, all different forms of black-hat SEO. The sites that were involved in keyword stuffing and repetitive use of the same keyword as anchor text in links suffered majorly. This update by Google is a wakeup call to webmasters and online marketers, with the goal to encourage them to follow Google’s search engine guidelines. The purpose of this search algorithm change is to encourage effective and quality SEO services and discourage negative or black hat SEO techniques.


Impact of Google Penguin Update globally:

Many small and big businesses are affected by Google’s ongoing search algorithm changes. As Google is a marketing leader and the most commonly used of the search engines, there is an extremely high level of dependence on Google with regards to websites’ internet business that is based upon their ranking. The highly controversial Penguin update has left many businesses scrambling to regain or maintain rankings in search results they once dominated. Statistics says that somewhere between 750K and 1M site owners received unnatural link notices through Google Webmaster Tools, many of whom were unable to react in time to save their rankings and were penalized. In fact, many web experts estimate that as many as 65% of all websites were affected negatively on some level.


STI’s Stand: Despite the major amount of sites impacted by this huge change, the majority of STI’s clients remained unaffected negatively, and many even increased in rank as a result of it. This is a testament to STI being as quality SEO company, using only white-hat techniques and strictly following Google’s guidelines so as to not watch our clients being hurt by poor methods. All of our SEO work is done manually, making certain to maintain high quality content, both off-page and on-page, and we are constantly analyzing our clients’ sites and Google itself to stay on top of the optimizing industry. We are very thankful to our faithful clients for trusting our services and giving us their business so that we may continue to help them grow. With regards to the Penguin update, a few of our clients had some comments, which we have posted below.


Our Clients Speak 

Eric (Paramount Container): “I have noticed in the last week our Google rankings have dramatically improved. The algorithm change appears to have benefited us more than hurt our rankings. I’m sure some the changes made by Christene and Stephen made to our website helped but right now we are getting lots of traffic. I greatly appreciate it. Keep up the good work”.


Mike (eCollegePC) : “I wanted to say that STI services has protected my website from Google Penguin update and provided improvements ever after the algorithm change”.


Tony (Tony Hyland): “I have checked the latest status you sent today and it appears that STI services has protected my website from Google Penguin update and provided improvements even after the algorithm change”.


Steve (AllVinylFabrics) : “I wanted to let you know that our keyword rankings have not been affected by the Google Penguin Update”.


Maya (Ahaarya) : “Ahaarya is pleased with the services of STI as they have protected our web site from the Google Penguin update and provided improvements even after the algorithm change”.


Barbara (novamicro): “The services of STI has protected our website from Google Penguin update. Our keyword ranking is improving”.


Jason (Amazingspaces): “I wanted to confirm with you that it looks like STI has done a good job in getting us better ranking for our website and as a result we are seeing increased traffic via the reports you are providing. This continues to hold true post the Google Penguin Update. Thanks for your efforts”.


Dave Heine(justdeeds): “The team is doing a fantastic job… I am very impressed that in a month we have hit page 1 on several keywords…. Outstanding….”.

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