Flash Based Video & Design

Flash Design
Flash design refers to designing in a Flash environment, using the software Flash. There is not a “one-size-fits-all” approach to video design, so our dedicated Flash designers create unique and imaginative videos made to your specifications. We work along with you to gather content; including any images and voice-over materials you would like to include. If you don’t have proper images to supply, we have access to a database filled with thousands of images to use in the development of your video. After the initial storyboard phase, the product is presented to you for final approval. Your video is then easily embedded into your website to improve SEO performance and capture the interest of those who visit your website.

Flash Development
Flash animations are highly effective tools that can deliver important information to your audience if used correctly. When used incorrectly, Flash can cause your audience to abandon the information. Our team of flash developers uses its expertise and valuable experience to create rich media content to add animation and interactivity to websites. That’s not all; apart from using Flash to build intros, we also use it to create product demos, product launch kits, media kits, and so on. Additionally, we also specialize in building Flash based applications, which can be hosted on the web or played as a stand-alone application.

Examples of Our Work:

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