Why Choose STI?

Many companies are hesitant to hire an SEO company, which is because the lack of trust is not always easy to overcome. This problem leads these companies to NOT hire anyone at all.  Unfortunately SEO doesn’t have one universal method, and every individual who deals with SEO follows their own way, so most people are wary of believing which methods will be successful.

Thus the big question: ‘Which company should I trust?’

Here we have derived some notable points that people need keep in mind when choosing a SEO company:

  1. The company should have a point of contact in place for your SEO campaign. Your SEO company relies on you as a client as much as you rely on them to market your site, and therefore should have somebody that you know by name to communicate with directly.
  2. The company should give you a clear understanding of what they are capable of doing for you, and what they intend to do for you. They should tell you what cannot be done up front, and also offer suggestions that will benefit your site. They should be able to explain the reasoning behind both. Quality companies do not simply promise more than other firms…they deliver.
  3. The company should be able to understand your business. When you speak with them, they should make suggestions about your site and discuss why your competitors are succeeding or failing, and what your relationship with the company will do that improves on the competition. You should get the feeling that they want to understand your business, and not just your site.
  4. The company should allow you to be involved with the SEO process. They should explain everything to you so that you understand what is being done and never leave you in the dark. They should also assist you with planning the campaign, such as keywords to target, but allow you the final say based on their recommendations.
  5. The company should not be limited to SEO. A quality SEO company should have experience in many aspects of web marketing, including Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) and Pay-Per-Click (Google AdWords).
  6. The company should be very deliberate in their process, which means that they shouldn’t use automated systems for off-page content. Automated back-linking, for example, can speed up the firm’s process, but risks connecting your site with directories and other sites that will hurt your ranking rather than help it. The company should also have SEO content writers on staff to address off-page and on-page content needs when they arise, and not require you do it.


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