Daniel Ioffe
New Age Training

About the Report for May 1 – May 15th I can see a huge performance improvement of our web site and specially for keywords related to CNA.


We launched the new site for TimeClock Pearl (it was also a new domain name) in April of 2011. Our primary search phrase initially only garnered a Google rank of page 7. Using software to compare our site to our top ten competitors, we made a number of changes, but could only muster the middle of page 3, where we languished for several months. STI began helping us with SEO in January 2012 and the results have been dramatic. Organic traffic has increased greatly. Three of our search phrases put us on page ONE! We are particularly pleased that the work that STI has done was not adversely affected by Google’s Penguin. In fact, since the Penguin update on April 24th, the page ranking on our number one search phrase has actually improved from 10th position to 7th”.Keep us posted on progress.

Danny Thompson
I have seen a increase in traffic on our site and in the stores. I am getting more internet leads on a daily basis now. Services of STI have helped us retain and improve the keyword ranking ,traffic and Leads.

Michael Bou-Sliman
Managing PartnerNaples Hotel Group LLC
We own and operate a small Hotel Management company specializing in HIlton and Marriott hotels. We started this new part of our business approximately two years ago. We engaged STI to host our website and handle our SEO services about a year ago. We have been extremely pleased with the response they have provided and how they have improved our website visibility. the have improved our ranking tremendously on google and yahoo and the web in general and we have been very satisfied in their ability to make our company more visible in the online world. They have helped us maintain our website. they are very responsive to any changes we need and have done a great job in keeping us informed at all times. I would highly recommend using Christene and STI.

Mason Katty
We have been in business for a short time, and with STI we have experienced tremendous growth. Our conversion rate has doubled in 5 months and our monthly revenue has increased dramatically as well. We are ranking on Google page 1 and we are very pleased with the service that we are receiving from STI. Thanks and kudos!

Ideal Group has been working with John for the past couple of years and we’re very happy with his deep knowledge of what he does. He seems very passionate about his work and he works hard to understand us and give us the exact results we’re looking for.

Sirole Kaku
Classico Lab Coat
Our company (Classico lab coat company) started a business with STI-CS 2 months ago.But Zhelinrentice (Service Provider) has showed me her excellent work and skill .And She also taught me a lot of things about US marketing without any extra charges.I really appreciate it.May 18, 2011
Top qualities: Personable, Good Value, High Integrity

1st Sirole Kaku,

hired Zhelinrentice as a SEO company in 2011

Robert Rossi
EZ People Counters
With STI’s commitment to excellence, our page ranking improved to the point that we no longer depend on pay-per-click ads to generate business. At the same time our sales have increased 25% to 35%. We would recommend STI to anyone who wishes to improve their bottom line.

We were looking for a company that could set-up, service and finish our website with ease, STI was the right choice for us. They offer excellent support and service for any website; big or small. For our company STI has definitely helped us as an industry leader!
I would like to say I really like the results I am starting to see with my website !!. There have been some minor issues that needed fine tuning so I gave my thoughts to Christene and her team takes care of the rest. I look forward to seeing how this affects the traffic to my site and my business overall. Thanks for your help!!
I am the owner of a startup online store www.ahaarya.com and have been utilising the services of STI for about 3-4 months now. I am really happy with the service . Christene has been very reliable . She has been very prompt in submitting the SEO report every 15 days and also updating me about what is going on. She also has a very good team especially Stephen and Anthony who have been doing the SEO work . Have to say that they are very hardworking. They have completed most of the on site work and are working hard to improve the rankings of our site. As an added bonus, they have also made valuable suggestions like adding a Facebook welcome page and actually creating it for us. I also feel that its very important that they are very approachable and I am able to contact them whenever I need to. They have gone to great lengths to ensure that all our problems and concerns are taken care of right away. They have been very dependable so far.They are willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done. Our google rankings have certainly gone up which is proof that they have been consistently working very hard. Looking forward to working with them for a long time.
Joe Combs
I agree to keep the advertising with Systems Technology International. I am pleased with the results and would like to continue with the website that S.T.I has provided.
Attorney Roger R. Rathi
We own and operate a small Law company specializing in Immigration, Divorce, Criminal Defense, Real Estate and Business Law. Since the time we started near about 10 years , STI has been handling in optimizing our website and making it more Search engine friendly. We have been extremely pleased with the service an response they have provided in making our website Visible in all major search engines and world wide web. Our ranking have improved tremendously on google and yahoo and the web in general and we have been very satisfied in their ability to make our company more visible in the online world.
Morris – Razors Direct
We needed a company who can do the SEO/SMO work of a major corporation, but on a tight budget. STI was right there with a great rate, excellent customer service & incredible finesse…what more could you ask for?
Engrave-A-Remembrance, Inc
To Whom It May Concern:In the last fourteen months my association with STI has helped my company, Engrave-A-Remembrance, Inc. to achieve a better placement on the web. I am looking forward to more advancements regarding elevating my presents on the web with the continued support of the STI staff.

Jerry Hussong
VP Sales / Marketing
Innovation Management Group, Inc
IMG has been providing onscreen keyboard utilities since 1993. With the dramatic growth of the internet, it has been difficult getting the attention we felt we deserved from major search engines. STI has not only stepped up our exposure, but is helping us grow our customer base by increasing our internet presence. While we have given them the difficult task of working with newly updated sites that contain less information, they have been great at giving us expert advise on developing the site and optimizing our SEO performance to move us quickly up to top spots in the major search engines. We look forward to our continued relationship with STI as we add more pages and work closely with them to update our other product sites SEO performance and exposure.
I can’t say enough positive things about the way STI has taken our advocacy efforts to new heights and greater audiences. STI’s team certainly under-promised and over-delivered in every way. STI’s technical skills are complimented by their artistic talents, which pushed our site design from our original concept to a product that is head and shoulders above our competition. We will certainly be using for many more years to come…

Steve Nocerini
We really appreciate the hard work you have done for our company. Our web site has continued to improve every month and our sales have continued to grow. The customer service you have provided is outstanding, please keep up the great work. I would highly recommend STI to future clients.

Tina M. Stewart
Stewart Engineers
I want to start by saying that we, Stewart Engineers, are 100% satisfied with all the creative services STI delivered over the past several years: complete redesign of our websites, website maintenance, brochures, multiple trade show displays, and print ads. In the beginning, we felt like we were presenting you with quite a challenge, as the nature of our business is highly specialized with unique needs. However, your team delivered and went above our expectations…
Working with STI has been a great experience. Everyone that I have encountered at STI is very professional and responsive. I can not express in words how happy I am that our company has chosen STI. Our staff is more productive and can accomplish tasks in less time as a result. STI always exceeds our expectation…

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