Why You Need SEO

What’s the bottom line when it comes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?  Web Presence.  Nobody does business without a sign out front, and if you’re not doing SEO, it’s just like not having a sign.  Potential customers will be unable to easily find the products or services you can provide.   Let’s look at some of the reasons SEO is a valuable tool for increasing your business:

  • Awareness- Millions of people each day search the web using major search engines to find the information they are looking for.  Consider someone is using Google to search for an attorney in Maryland.  When they use the keyword phrase “MD Attorney” or “Attorney in Maryland”, a page of ten search results will show up.  At this point, the user begins the process of visiting those websites.  Typically, when researching a service or product provider, a search user will only need between two and five results to choose from.  This means that the attorney listed on the second page might not even be seen.  Optimizing your website to appear on the first page of Google is vital to increasing your web traffic and improving your revenue.
  • Strategy- Whether you have done optimization before or not, your strategy will remain the same.  You will want to determine all of the important keywords or phrases a potential customer might use to find your offerings.  Let’s look back at the Maryland attorney example.  You might find that more people search for “Maryland Lawyers” than “Maryland Attorneys”.  At the same time, people may also search for a specific product or service you provide.  They may use “Maryland Bankruptcy Attorney” to find attorneys who deal specifically with bankruptcy cases.  This means that optimizing for both general and specific terms will increase your chances of relevant search traffic reaching your site.  There is a reason fisherman use different lures, and it’s the same reason you should test different keywords and phrases.
  • Growth- By using SEO to achieve rankings on the first page of Google, you will begin to notice much higher levels of web traffic.  A snowball effect can begin to take place at this point, where increased traffic concurrently increases your website’s value in the eyes of major search engines.  Once visitors reach your site, they will continue the effect by sharing content through word-of-mouth and social media avenues.  This growing level of traffic means an increase in sales now that more potential customers can find you.

With all of the mediums available online to market your business, Search Engine Optimization makes the most sense.  SEO provides you with a means to both increase the overall value of your website and traffic at the same time.  Advertisement campaigns come and go, but an SEO campaign has long-lasting effects.  Simply improving your website to optimize for a few valuable keywords can positively impact your business for years to come.

STI-Creative offers a rich and diverse SEO Package which will help your company achieve its goal to be on page one.  Contact us at support@sti-seoservices.com for more information.

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